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They may also compile reports, administer payroll, and handle invoicing. Job opportunities increase significantly for accountants who obtain a CPA license. To qualify for the CPA exam, accountants must complete 150 college credits. Some schools offer five-year combined accounting programs, after which graduates hold the necessary credits for CPA licensure. Some states also require age minimums, work experience, and citizenship.

They deal with estate planning, investments, and retirement funding. Financial analysts research and report on investment opportunities for organizations. They forecast potential earnings by considering a company’s financial health and the state of the overall market. Typically working for finance and insurance companies, actuaries calculate financial risk using probability models. They usually hold a degree in math or statistics, plus industry-accepted credentials. An entry-level role, accounting clerks conduct data entry tasks and verify calculations.

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It’s wise to hire a person or invest in a system to help manage the accounting in your business. FreshBooks can help with resources for small businesses and free trials of software. Xero is another emerging online accounting software company providing practical accountant for startups tools and bank connections with a variety of plans to suit any size of business. They keep records, monitor transactions, and prepare and file tax documents. They also analyze financial reports and make improvements for increased profitability.

Though a master’s degree increases the average salary slightly, much larger jumps occur with industry credentials such as CPA or CMA certification. Those considering a career in accounting might choose the field for its vast options. Accountants work in many industries and enjoy steady demand across the country.

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Calculating and itemizing all the assets and liabilities can be a tricky endeavor. While cash accounting (calculating the money you have on hand and the money you owe) is relatively straightforward, it isn’t the method of accounting preferred by investors and banks. Whether you use an accountant or bookkeeper to manage your finances, or handle them yourself, accounting software is a great tool to simplify your financial burden. This standard is more commonly used than the cash method as it gives you a more realistic version of income and expenses during a specific time period. However, be sure to monitor your cash flow, as not accounting for future income and payables can hurt your business in the long term.

accountant for startups